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KYC Overview

Embrace the future with low-friction KYC from Paydala

In today’s fast-paced digital world, customer onboarding and identity verification are vital components of any successful business operation. However, the traditional KYC (Know Your Customer) process often presents challenges such as delays, errors and customer frustration.

Lower-friction KYC is a revolutionary approach to customer identity verification that balances simplicity, efficiency, and security. Our cutting-edge technology leverages advanced tools like behavioral and digital ID intelligence to make KYC processes faster, productive and more user-friendly than ever before.


Unlock seamless customer verification for your business

Speed and

Rapid verification: Instantaneously and easily verify customer identities, reducing onboarding time with our rapid verification system. Seamlessly integrate our low-friction KYC as an integrated offering or as a standalone service.


Seamless step up:  The Paydala KYC solution is designed to maximize approvals through optimum decision-making processes, resulting in higher customer onboarding rates while minimizing identity fraud.

Compliance and Reporting

Configurable rules: Tailor the KYC process to meet specific compliance requirements with our configurable rules engine covering state, federal, financial and gaming requirements.

Enjoy a wide variety of benefits with the Paydala platform

Our comprehensive gaming intelligence platform provides best-in-class solutions with regards to payments, compliance and risk management.

Improved User Experience

Paydala’s solutions are designed to reduce friction and improve conversion rates to drive revenues and increase customer retention.

Single Dashboard

Streamline operations by removing the complexities and inefficiencies of managing numerous management systems.

Reduce Operational Costs

Streamline processes by eliminating multiple vendors, payment processors, and disparate systems, thereby cutting costs and delivering a seamless user experience.

Dynamic Rules Engine

A Real-time and dynamic decisioning platform for enabling federal, state, payment, risk, and compliance requirements.

Data Aggregation

A unified database provides actionable insights into user behavior, transaction monitoring, and end-user management and support while reducing potential fraud and AML activities.

Unified or Standalone Option

Paydala offers customers the flexibility to either leverage our comprehensive platform or choose standalone services.

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