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Explore the endless possibilities of seamless transactions, security, and banking solutions with Paydala.

Payments Overview

Welcome to the future of payments and banking for gaming

The Paydala Digital Wallet is your virtual pocket for the digital age. It’s a secure, user-friendly platform that lets your customers store, manage, and transact with their money effortlessly. Transfer funds with cards, bank accounts and soon, with other digital wallets.

With our banking solution, leverage our flexible multi-state ledgering system and dashboard to track deposits, withdrawals and settle funds into one or multiple bank accounts for your distributed gaming operations.


Cashless living: experience secure and hassle-free digital transactions

A New Level of Confidence

One tap payments: Our prepaid digital wallet was designed with features to make quick and hassle-free transactions no matter where your customers are.

Numerous Payment Options

Multiple funding sources: Our digital wallet gives your customers the option to choose from a variety of payment methods, resulting in faster settlements, lower declines, and higher customer retention.


Tailored for your needs: Leverage Paydala’s banking solution that removes the numerous challenges of establishing a compliant banking relationship with multi-state settlement and reporting capabilities.

Enjoy a wide variety of benefits with the Paydala platform

Our comprehensive gaming intelligence platform provides best in class solutions with regards to payments, compliance and risk management.

Improved User Experience

Paydala’s products are designed to reduce friction and improve conversion rates to drive revenues and increase customer retention.

A Single Dashboard

Streamline operations by removing the complexities and inefficiencies of managing numerous management systems.

Reduce Operational Costs

Streamline processes, reduce team sizes, and lower operational expenses by utilizing a single vendor solution.

Dynamic Rules Engine

Real-time and dynamic decisioning platform for enabling federal, state, payment, risk and compliance requirements.

Data Aggregation

A unified database provides better actionable insight into user behavior, management and support while reducing potential fraud.

Unified or Standalone Option

Paydala offers customers the flexibility to either leverage our comprehensive platform or select standalone services.

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